Job Title:  Enabling Areas - Technology Procurement - Administration

Job requisition ID ::  65079
Date:  May 3, 2024
Location:  Mumbai - I-Think
Designation:  Deputy Manager


Job Title: Assistant Manager - Technology Procurement


Job Summary:

The Assistant Manager for Technology Procurement is responsible for overseeing the procurement activities related to technology products and services. This role involves strategic planning, vendor management, contract negotiation, and ensuring cost-effective procurement of technology resources to support the organization's technological needs.



1. Develop and implement procurement strategies for technology products and services to meet the organization's objectives.

2. Identify and evaluate potential vendors and maintain strong relationships with existing suppliers.

3. Negotiate contracts, terms, and pricing agreements with vendors to ensure cost-effective procurement.

4. Collaborate with internal stakeholders such as IT teams, project managers, and finance departments to understand technology requirements and ensure timely procurement.

5. Monitor market trends, technology advancements, and pricing to make informed procurement decisions.

6. Manage the procurement process from requisition to delivery, including purchase order creation, order tracking, and vendor performance evaluation.

7. Ensure compliance with company policies, procurement regulations, and industry standards in all procurement activities.

8. Analyze procurement data and prepare reports for management review to optimize procurement processes and costs.

9. Provide guidance and support to junior procurement staff and assist in their professional development.



1. Bachelor's degree in any stream.

2. Proven experience in technology procurement, preferably in a managerial or supervisory role.

3. Strong knowledge of procurement principles, practices, and regulations in the technology sector.

4. Excellent negotiation and vendor management skills with a focus on cost reduction and value optimization.

5. Proficiency in using SAP and MS Office, Advance excel for managing procurement processes and data analysis.

6. Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities with attention to detail.

7. Effective communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with diverse stakeholders and vendors.

8. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines effectively.


Location: Thane-CEC

Employment Type: Full-time

Salary: [Specify salary range]