Job Title:  RA-CSR-Cyber-AS-Deputy Manager--Embedded System

Job requisition ID ::  1539
Date:  Jun 8, 2021
Location:  Chennai
Designation:  Deputy Manager
Entity:  DTTILLP
    • Safety and Software Quality
    • Static code analysis (Code review) of existing product C/C++, Java, Scala, Python
    • Vehicle security - ECU/TCU/CAN
    • Vulnerability Assessment\Penetration testing of In-Vehicle Network CAN on vehicles
    • Communication protocol Reversing
    • Remote and Local Code Execution
    • Exploit Development
    • Fuzzing & Automation
    • Multi-Layered Protection Solutions for Network and Memory Vulnerabilities development
    • Device attestation/authentication for IoT infrastructure.
    • Cryptography in IoT device
    • Architecture review, Maturity Assessment, GAP Assessment, Threat and Risk Assessment and Defence in Depth
    • GSM, UMTS, LTE, LTE Advanced, 5G-NR, V2X, NB-IoT Security Research in Automobiles.
    • TCU, SoC's, ROM's and NAND's debugging, reversing and exploitations
    • OS/RTOS based Multilayer Cybersecurity Product Architect/Design/Development,
    • Linux Kernel Device Security,
    • Memory Protection,
    • Syscall Protection,
    • Secure Process Environment
    • Design and Developed In-Vehicle CAN Network Protection Solution (IDPS)
    • Anomaly Detection, Attack Mitigation, Data Logging of events, Multiplatform solution