Job Title:  Enabling Area - B&C - Delhi

Job requisition ID ::  65940
Date:  Apr 2, 2024
Location:  Delhi
Designation:  Senior Executive

Enabling Areas – Marketing, Brand, and Communications—Change Management Communications– Executive/Senior Executive/Assistant Manager


Work you’ll do:

As a vital member of the internal communications team, you will work with internal stakeholders to lead communication and adoption of all change initiatives within the firm. You will use your words and creativity to facilitate a seamless integration of transformation within the organisation. Your role will be significant in maximising the impact of our internal change campaigns/events.



  • Share information about a workplace change in a way that helps employees process and accept the change.
  • Do this through an integrated, sustained campaign, take ownership in understanding expectations for every campaign, bring together stakeholders from diverse realms to get required inputs, and spearhead the communication campaign from planning to execution.
  • Create a change management strategy, apply a structured methodology, and lead change management activities across multiple functions through strategic communications
  • Craft impactful leadership communications, deftly navigating each stakeholder’s unique tone of voice.
  • Lead internal stakeholder interviews to understand complex business issues and change management.
  • Keep track of campaign performance metrics and strive towards consistent improvements.
  • Actively control, monitor, populate, develop, and conduct community change management of all relevant channels and formats (SharePoint, Viva Engage, newsletters etc).
  • Advise all functions and support a network by contributing towards campaigns during peak times.
  • Create target group-oriented messages and content (text, video, slide decks, infographics etc.)
  • Collect feedback, review, adjust communications and ensure that the appropriate change management tools and methods are applied to projects.
  • Research best practices in the marketplace and how they can be adapted and implemented at Deloitte. Similarly, establish a strong network with other project teams to see how we can learn from each other.



  • 4-5 years of relevant and progressive professional experience
  • High level of proficiency in written and spoken English, along with a flair for creative writing
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Strong achievement orientation
  • Comfort with a fast-paced and multi-disciplinary set-up
  • Strong executive mindset. Adept in using data to drive decisions and results.


Added advantage if you have:

  • Passion for evolving technologies and their application in communication.
  • Knowledge of Content Management Systems or collaboration systems, especially Microsoft SharePoint.


Qualities that will help you:

  • Ability to balance between speed and elegance in deliverables
  • Eagerness to work with people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets to optimise quality and enhance learning
  • Tact and people skills to effectively manage multiple stakeholders
  • Adaptability and flexibility to explore new domains and grow your career
  • Autonomy in functioning and the ability to understand expectations and demonstrate personal accountability
  • Drive to grow and create your unique growth story



  • MA in English, or PG degree in Communications/Journalism/Public Relations/Advertising