Job Title:  Technical Architects/ Leads - AEM Assets

Job requisition ID ::  50548
Date:  Mar 3, 2023
Location:  Bengaluru
Designation:  Senior Consultant
Entity:  Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP

Deloitte India is looking for a passionate, enthusiastic, and consulting focused candidate into the India consulting team. This team is responsible for working directly with customers and prospects to match business problems to technology, providing technical solutions on the ground.

Desired Technical Skills :

    Hands on Experienced with Adobe Cloud Assets & AEM

·         Hands on Experienced to define Metadata Schemas & Tags

·         Hands on Experienced with Adobe Cloud Assets OOTB & Custom Workflow

·         Hand  on Experienced with Assets Template and Good Knowledge in InDesign Server 

·         Hands on Experienced with Assets Collection, Assets Omni Search and other assets feature

·         Good Experienced in Adobe Cloud Assets Integration with Other Adobe Products (Workfront, Brand Portal, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Creative Cloud) 

·         Good Experienced with Connectors and Plugins Integration with Adobe Cloud Assets

·         Good Experienced with Assets Migration from various platform to Adobe Cloud Assets

·         Nice to have Experienced with Adobe Analytics Integration

·         Nice to have knowledge of Security and Performance

·         Hands on Experienced in GIT and Process

·         Good Knowledge in Build (Maven) and Deployments Pipeline (Jenkins or any other deployment tools)

·         Good experienced in configuration management

·         Must aware Unit Test Framework 

 Roles & Responsibilities :

    Able to create files and folders with Adobe Cloud Assets

·         Able to define & implement metadata schemas for Adobe Cloud Assets & Tags

·         Able to define & OOTB and Custom ACLs 

·         Able to implement assets collection, search filters, assets template and InDesign Server

·         Able to write code for custom workflows, components, templates

·         Able to implement integration between Adobe Cloud Assets and Workfront using Connector

·         Able to integrate Brand Portal with Adobe Cloud Assets

·         Able to implement and configured Brand Portal Components 

·         Able to implement review, approval process for assets to publish

·         Able to integrate Adobe Creative Cloud with Workfront and Adobe Cloud Assets

·         Able to write migration utility or leverage existing tools to migrate assets from various source platform to Adobe Cloud Assets

·         Able to integrate analytics scripts for assets and components

·         Able to build and deploy code by leveraging pipelines

·         Able to write unit testing

·         Able to define and implement configuration between Adobe Cloud Assets, Workfront, Brand Portal and Adobe Creative Cloud