Job Title:  RA-CSR-Cyber-D&R- Manager- Threat Intellegence

Job requisition ID ::  55041
Date:  May 26, 2023
Location:  Bengaluru
Designation:  Manager

Preferred Knowledge:



  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst will be catering a pivotal role in CTI team supporting multiple global clients for recent threat advisories, impact analysis and recommendations via sharing threat advisories coming up from Deloitte threat portals, External Threat Feeds. Demonstrates proven expertise in awareness of threats model around the globe, geographical threats impact aligning with current client’s business infrastructure.
  • CTI analyst will process incoming malware analysis reports, APT threat actors research, zero-day vulnerabilities advisory disclosure and provide recommendations to wide array of customer base.
  • CTI analyst should be well versed with External Attack Surface Monitoring and OSINT techniques which can be used by threat actors to map business infra recon.
  • Member should have working knowledge of CTI toolsets for example OpenCTI, MISP, Threat Feeds, Malware Sandboxes.
  • CTI member expected to share research findings through internal blogs, presentations and will be a pivotal participant in developing threat intelligence cycle.
  • Knowledge of IOC lifecycle management, PIR (Priority Intelligence Requirements) and Threat Modelling.
  • Ability to automate manual and repetitive tasks such as IOC revalidation, IOC extraction, integration with existing tools and technologies and designing of threat intel playbooks/ workflows through scripting knowledge of Python/Bash etc.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Provide intelligence briefings to wide array of client base on threats or threat actors and risk they bring to the active geographical environment.
  • CTI analyst will participate in incident response process on an as needed basis to prepare recommendations, analytical and remediation instructions to assist customers.
  • Provide dashboard and monthly threat intel reports related to Incidents detected for governance model.
  • Maintain through documentation of cyber threats, threat vectors and attack trends consumptions aligning to threat actors TTPs.
  • Provide OSINT analysis as in when required via available dark web portals, brand monitoring solutions, External Attack Surface Monitoring control sets.


Professional Experience:


  • Overall experience of 9-14 years in intelligence studies, threat actor profiling, cyber threat intelligence.
  • Strong understanding of corporate solutions, attack patterns and cyber kill chain.
  • Experienced with threat intelligence platforms will be value addition like Recorded Future, Threat Connect, Maltego or similar.