Job Title:  Consulting- AMC-Adobe Commerce Developer(Magento) - Consultant/Senior Consultant

Job requisition ID ::  64430
Date:  Mar 22, 2024
Location:  Bengaluru
Designation:  Senior Consultant
Entity:  Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP

Desired Technical Skills : 


·         Hands on Experienced with Adobe Cloud Assets & AEM 

·         Hands on Experienced to define Metadata Schemas & Tags 

·         Hands on Experienced with Adobe Cloud Assets OOTB & Custom Workflow 

·         Hand  on Experienced with Assets Template and Good Knowledge in InDesign Server  

·         Hands on Experienced with Assets Collection, Assets Omni Search and other assets feature 

·         Good Experienced in Adobe Cloud Assets Integration with Other Adobe Products (Workfront, Brand Portal, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Creative Cloud)  

·         Good Experienced with Connectors and Plugins Integration with Adobe Cloud Assets 

·         Good Experienced with Assets Migration from various platform to Adobe Cloud Assets 

·         Nice to have Experienced with Adobe Analytics Integration 

·         Nice to have knowledge of Security and Performance 

·         Hands on Experienced in GIT and Process 

·         Good Knowledge in Build (Maven) and Deployments Pipeline (Jenkins or any other deployment tools) 

·         Good experienced in configuration management 

·         Must aware Unit Test Framework  


Roles & Responsibilities : 


·         Able to create files and folders with Adobe Cloud Assets 

·         Able to define & implement metadata schemas for Adobe Cloud Assets & Tags 

·         Able to define & OOTB and Custom ACLs  

·         Able to implement assets collection, search filters, assets template and InDesign Server 

·         Able to write code for custom workflows, components, templates 

·         Able to implement integration between Adobe Cloud Assets and Workfront using Connector 

·         Able to integrate Brand Portal with Adobe Cloud Assets 

·         Able to implement and configured Brand Portal Components  

·         Able to implement review, approval process for assets to publish 

·         Able to integrate Adobe Creative Cloud with Workfront and Adobe Cloud Assets 

·         Able to write migration utility or leverage ACS Tools to migrate assets from various source platform to Adobe Cloud Assets 

·         Able to integrate analytics scripts for assets and components 

·         Able to build and deploy code by leveraging pipelines 

·         Able to write unit testing 

·         Able to define and implement configuration between Adobe Cloud Assets, Workfront, Brand Portal and Adobe Creative Cloud